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The Order Guild and the future

For now the site is a bit bare bones, but as we finish more game content we will have more to post here. All guild members are encouraged to DM TheAdderus in the Discord with any funny pictures that happened during our guild raids, pvp, dungeon runs, etc. Make sure to check out the Roster page to keep up with current members of the guild. Also it is very important to note that if you recruit someone into the guild that you let myself know so I can keep track of the new members. I will also be posting this post into the recruitment discord channel on our server.

New Raid Schedule

The Order Raid Updates

Our Raid Team One schedule is currently set to Wednesday/Friday 8pm – 11pm EST. Previously we were on the Friday/Saturday 8pm-11pm EST.

Last night 9-26-18 we cleared 6 out of 8 bosses for Uldir with very little issue. Friday we will be returning to finish the last 2 bosses and begin our Heroic run.


Looking to join our raid?

Make sure to check out our recruitment page to apply to the guild. We will get in contact with you in game or through email.


First Post and Information

Welcome all to the official site for The Order guild! Here you will find various information about the guild as well as ways to keep in contact with us. Currently the site is a bit bare until we start getting more content out, but that will be rectified in the next few weeks. If you’re here looking to apply to the guild, make sure to visit the recruitment page and fill out the form!